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HMRC “Nudge” Letters


HMRC “Nudge” Letters

Thousands of UK Taxpayers have received “Nudge Letters” from HMRC encouraging them to declare unpaid tax.

With a £34bn perceived Tax Gap HMRC is now continuing to increase its enquiry activity across all areas of taxation.

Whilst its main focus will remain on those that they believe to be fraudsters and deliberate tax avoiders, it also needs to ensure compliance across the wider population.

HMRC believe that nearly 50% of Tax Gap is within the small business/SME arena.

To investigate this HMRC is using the vast pools of information that are held on “Connect” to nudge people towards compliance.

Areas HMRC are currently targeting amongst others are:

Offshore companies with UK property.

UK landlords.

Individuals recorded as Persons with Significant Control at Companies’ House.

Euro Pacific Bank account holders.

If you receive a nudge letter, please let us know and we can investigate it and establish whether it is correct.

Now more than ever before we encourage you to consider our add on service which covers you for all costs involved should you or your business be subjected to an investigation.

Drop us an email at or call us on 01227 277667 to find out more about our Tax Investigation Protection.

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