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Motivating staff – a simple guide


Motivating staff – a simple guide

Whenever you ask staff why they come to work, “money” is usually the first answer they give.  However, as business owners, whilst money is an essential by product of labour, the human needs of recognition, appreciation and self-development are more often the reasons that staff stay loyal to their employer.

It is often said that of all your staff, 20% will always consider the idea of leaving.  Bearing in mind, these are often the ones that are most dynamic or most open to new opportunities, perhaps these are the ones we should be nurturing for the benefits of our business, rather than allowing them to be tempted by a competitor.


So, here’s a few quick pointers to help keep your staff motivated and empowered:-


·        Specific and clear job descriptions. The expectations of each job role must be clear and defined as to your expectations as an employer.

·        Regular reviews. Ensure that all team members are allocated specific time where performance can be discussed. Measure their performance against the job.

·        Have a specific agenda – don’t have a meeting for meeting’s sake, be clear in the agenda and the time you allocate.

·        Invite feedback and don’t interrupt! Listen to what your team say; you may not agree, but there is a reason they feel the way they do. Instead, use phrases like “thank you for the feedback” and “if you were in charge, how would you solve that issue.”

·        Ask your team to document the content back to you to ensure that they have the same interpretation once leaving the room as you do.

·        Don’t be afraid to let them come up with new ideas. Ok, so it’s your business, but sometimes a fresh or different approach may help. Also, younger people today have a different view on marketing.

·        Don’t be afraid to communicate costs.  Staff are more knowledgeable that we give them credit for and remarkably smart when it comes to profit and loss. They know that the business must make money, so if they have an idea, talk about the costs of it and the potential returns.

·        Offer specific, external and industry training. Most staff feel more motivated and loyal if they are given the tools to make their minds more active. A few hundred pounds in training will be repaid in greater productivity and more motivated staff.


Whilst not a definitive list by any means, these small points will help with getting your team involved. It creates buy-in and loyalty and empowers their minds.


What happens if we train our staff and they leave? More importantly,what happens if we don’t?


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