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A Business Plan in only 10 minutes

The SIX “P” s………     Those who have worked with us are familiar with this. Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance (answers on a postcard for what the fourth “P” added stands for!)


This is true, but as business people, we don’t have time. So here’s a 10-minute challenge.


Ready? Time yourself for just 2 minutes per question and write down:-  


1)     Your business’ three main intentions (be specific in your wish list in amongst to make a profit, deliver a service, improve outcomes or innovate a product or service)


2)      Tell us three things that make you better than your competitors


3)      What are the threats to your business?


4)      What are your three personal goals? (these are regarding your personal life and relate to income, work/life balance, etc)


5)     What is your exit/retirement strategy?


Now re-read all your answers.    


Surprised? Business owners we work with are often surprised by the outcomes. You see, in a short space of time, they will answer the questions in order of their own priority, rather than being those of the day-to-day business needs.  


Well done. You’ve now taken the first step in planning your strategic intentions. Next, we can work on the strategic choices which will then lead to a full plan of implementation.


Coaching is about getting managers or entrepreneurs to think about their goals and to plan the execution to their own talents and constraints. It isn’t for us to tell you how to run your business, but to make you think about how you want to get to achieve your life and business goals.


Hopefully, this exercise will have aided your first steps to better outcomes.

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