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Deliberate Tax Defaulters

When HM Revenue & Customs carry out investigations or spot checks this can sometimes lead to them discovering a deliberate attempt to hide the true amount of tax due to the Government.


This information is then made public, which you can see here.

Not only does it name the company or individual and their address, but also the amount of tax that was due.


It is interesting to note that the amount of penalties is very high.  This is because if you are found to be a deliberate tax defaulter the penalties levy can be considerable.  As this is public information, it is often picked up by the local newspapers and an article may run in both the local newspapers and also their on-line equivalents.  As this is on social media, it is often shared and the fallout for the companies or individuals can be extreme.


If ever you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, it is always beneficial to advise us so that we can help deal with the matter rather than to ignore it and wait for HM Revenue & Customs to find it.

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