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Saving a client from losing £25,000

We were recently approached by a client whose limited company we did not act on behalf of.

Our client was so far behind on their compliance with Companies House that Companies House had begun action to strike their company off.  Unfortunately, the process had gone so far that the clients company bank account was frozen and soon to become property of the crown.

In their bank account was £25,000 of company money that the client no longer had access to.  Luckily, with the help of PH Accountancy, we were able to promptly send the client out the forms required to bring their company up to date with Companies House’ compliance as well as stopping the striking off process.

The forms were promptly submitted and in due course the company was reinstated to being active and the client was able to access their funds.

All of this was done at a fixed fee to the client and made as hassle and stress-free as possible.

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