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How to cope with the post-Brexit rules

Now that Brexit has happened, your UK-based business will be faced with a number of post-Brexit changes in how you trade and do business with the EU.

The UK is no longer part of the European Union or the European Single Market, and this means that your business is now on the outside of Europe, looking in. For some, this means greater freedom and autonomy from Brussels, and for others it means losing an excellent trade network and the ability to operate across borders without any significant hurdles.

Whatever your standpoint, certain rules, guidelines and processes have changed, post-Brexit – and it’s important that your business is aware of these changes.

Transitioning over to the post-Brexit rules

If your company has existing business relationships within Europe, or you were planning to operate within the EU from the UK, it’s vital that you get up to speed with the changes.

Check what you need to do differently if you’re:

The UK Government is running the 'Transition: Keep Britain Moving’ initiative, to provide help and guidance to affected UK businesses. There’s a ‘Brexit Checker’ that you can use to work out the key implications of operating outside of the EU network.

Find out more on the Transition website.

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