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A lot of people often ask us how they go about paying HMRC. You can pay everything from your corporation tax to your national insurance just by visiting this link:-

You can even set up a direct debit to HMRC and find out their bank account details along with guides on how to pay each tax, when arranging to pay HMRC you should keep in mind that a payment deadline date can fall on a weekend or a bank holiday. This will mean that HMRC will need your payment no later than the last bank working day before the payment deadline.

If you do not wish to complete your payments online, you can visit your local post office or your bank and they can advise you accordingly on the best way to make payment – be sure to take the relevant paperwork and your reference numbers with you. (You can find your reference number in your online account if you're signed up to use HMRC's online services. Or you can find it on letters, paper returns or payslips from HMRC.)

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