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The top three habits for fleet managers

1. Acting in advance

It is important to address issues that might affect a fleet before they happen. Drivers are only human and behave as such, so they have the potential to develop habits that may be detrimental or inappropriate. Having dashboard cameras for the front and rear of a vehicle can help with insurance costs for vehicles.


2. Fuel cards

Issuing fuel cards to drivers enables the fleet manager to regulate costs, avoid fraud, and monitor drivers' distances. Many fleets can reduce the amount of time and money spent on administrative costs generated by drivers spending their own money and claiming back expenses. With a fuel card, the fleet manager has total control of fuel costs and expenditure.


3. Monitoring the business

Some technology will give in-depth details about how the car is driven, enabling the manager to keep on top of vehicles that need maintenance before any severe damage occurs. Telematics solutions can help monitor driver behaviour. These things may be an added cost, but they can help prevent further, higher prices in the future.


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