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The World's Most Inspiring Accountants

At PH Accountancy, we are very proud to be named as one of the world's most inspiring accountants  and to feature in a book which explains how we’ve performed above and beyond the role of a typical accountant.

You can find the book here.

Below is a snippet about what we’ve done to earn such a title!

Far-sighted support has changed the way this business thinks and acts

A single director practice with a team of 14 based in Whitstable, Kent, UK, that has helped its client:


·        Break forever the stereotype of a typical double glazing firm

·        Future-proof a rapidly expanding business at risk of growing too fast

·        Gain a sense of direction and purpose for the business

·        Understand the business far better so they can make decisions with


As the client says, “The impact has been profound in every single area of the business; this goes way beyond mere financial reporting”.

How it made our client feel

As the business owners commented, “The insight, focus and support that PH Accountancy provides has been invaluable, and we see them as an integral part of our success”.

Before the additional support from PH Accountancy, the business owners were concerned for the future. Despite the fact that the business was performing well, they were worried that it was growing too fast, too soon, and that the existing structure wasn’t strong enough to take them to the next level.  They were also worried that they were not adequately measuring their business, which was crucial if they were to continue to grow.

As the business owners say, “We are now so much more self-aware as a business, with a much better structure in place and we’re in a good position to successfully develop our plans for the future.”

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We offer a friendly and professional service to our clients. Our client base is wide and varied ranging from small one-man bands to large limited companies, and our business principle is the same in that each client, no matter what size, has their own individual requirements.

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