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Why No One Says Thanks To a Business Owner


Why No One Says Thanks To a Business Owner

Running your own business can be a lonely place. On one hand, the public’s perception of you as the owner of your own business is that you are loaded, with lots of free time and the ability to come and go as you please. Even the staff, whilst understanding the business and its’ challenges in today’s economy, will ultimately have their own interests as a priority.


And it’s a fair assumption. You, having taken the plunge into running your own business, need to take credit for how special you are. But wouldn’t it be nice to hear a “well done” occasionally?

We do get the odd congratulations from our bank managers occasionally (well,when there is ample balance in our accounts) but of course, they also have no real idea that the VAT is due in the next quarter or you have a customer who is being a bit slow in paying. One thing is for sure, as soon as they get a new directive from head office about your own business sector, their attitudes will change.


This is why business mentoring can help. Coaches aren’t there to run or reinvent your business. You are the experts and most of us have very little expertise in your specific sector.


What we do understand however is what you are going through. Our role is to listen to your ideas, your life goals and to help you prioritise and organise yourself with someone independent who can provide a viewpoint on how customers, staff and your peers will perceive your plans.


Over the years, we have come across many businesses where the owners have in their head very specific goals and ideas as to where they want to be in 3, 5 and even 20 years’ time. Sadly, these often remain ideas and the goals are rarely achieved, mainly as most owners either don’t spend enough time in the“planning room” (they are too busy in the business rather than on the business), or perhaps they don’t have the confidence to implement their ideas fearing failure.


Ever found yourself in this position? Then take advantage of our free first session. We guarantee that you will take at least one thing away with you that will clear your mind and improve your business.


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